Box Room Films


I don't really use this blog for much beyond the odd picture with a silly title, however this particular post is different as I'm pleased to announce the formation of my new production company: Box Room Films.

Along with Sandy Nicholson, the writer of my recent webseries Comfort Food, we're going to be putting together a new slate of shows that'll start appearing early next year, as well as creating a platform from which other filmmakers can promote their content.

Now if you don't know what we've done so far then head on over to our Blip account and get acquainted with the world's first narrative cooking show Comfort Food:

Feel free to follow us on Twitter, and like our Facebook page for more updates on what we're up to. And finally, if you're interested in being involved as a writer then click here to find out more information on our next narrative webseries.

Box Room Films has got loads of new shows coming your way next year and both myself and Sandy are really excited to show you what we've got lined up.