My Week at the Telegraph

I was recently contacted by Sumant Bhatia, after a very kind recommendation by Glen Milner whom I had worked for on a Unicef video, to cover the Telegraphs Senior Producer/Director of Video Features whilst he was on paternity leave.

Working closely with Sumant and Lauren Alpe I either helped the video desk edge closer to their required food targets for the month, or was "loaned out" to help cut anything else that was needed.

Over the course of one week six of my edits went live, here are my favourite three: 

1. The most popular video I cut, with over 70,000 views, was a piece about Phillip Hughes' cricket career in a "by numbers" fashion which hopefully did justice to all he achieved during his tragically cut-short life.


2. This next video is one I shot and edited about Professor Charles Spence of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at Oxford University who has spent years studying how our senses interact to influence our perception of the food and drink we consume on a daily basis.


3. The final video I'm going to link to I did not shoot, but quite liked my edit of the material given to me as 'Master of Coffee' at Costa Coffee, Gennaro Pelliccia shares his three tips on making the perfect brew at home.