My New Camera; the Sony FS5

For the past 2 years I've owned and operated a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. The original intention of purchasing the BMPCC was to shoot more drama in my spare time, a goal I somewhat achieved with my upcoming webseries All Good Things.

The difficulty came when I used the camera for more professional applications. For such a capable and tiny camera it has a fair amount of shortcomings that limit it's use in a more run and gun scenario without rigging it up. Wanting something I didn't have to build every time I used it, I eventually settled on the Sony FS5.

Fully set-up the camera is basically everything I'd been modding the BMPCC to be, but it goes further than that. The FS5 has slow-mo, better internal audio (by a large margin), internal ND, 4k, built in EVF etc etc. While I'll miss internal RAW for drama, it's not something the FS5 will be without for long, which will hopefully turn it into a adaptable camera for whatever the job entails.

Now I just need go out and use it anger...