Life Size Media - Cleantech Films

Since late last year I've been working on a series of cleantech films commissioned by Carbon Limiting Technologies for companies involved with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Energy Entrepreneurs Fund. Working directly for the clean tech comms agency Life Size Media as an editor, I'd been tasked with cutting 8 films all with a unique feel, and approach. As the project draws to a close I thought I'd share not only my favourite 3, but the ones that show the widest gamut of storytelling enlisted:

"Kite Power Solutions is developing a disruptive technology to harness energy from wind."
"Combining the expertise in F1, aerospace and automotive, Saietta are a world-leading designer and manufacturer of high performance electric motors and drivetrains for vehicles."
"Ventive have developed a passive air ventilation system with heat recovery. Their work with Greenwich council is helping tenants experience fresh, healthy homes, without any additional electricity use or noisy fans."

If these have peaked your interest you can find the other films by clicking here.