BBC Brand Funded Doc for JNTO with Donovan Bailey

I've recently finished a job for ShootMedia who were approached by the BBC to create 2 unique brand funded documentaries about Tokyo and Koyasan for the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organisation). The brief was this:

The Japanese National Tourist Office (JNTO) knew that Tokyo’s upcoming role as Olympics host city provided a timely hook for promoting tourism in Japan. To reinforce this link, they engaged Olympic Gold winner Donovan Bailey as the presenter for a series of films exploring the diversity and excitement of Japan as a tourist destination.

The BBC were keen to move away from a purely-documentary style approach. Although this style of film captures the energy and sense of a place, it did not lend itself to encouraging direct response from viewers. Our challenge was to blend authentic, engaging editorial content with a strong brand message.

My film dealt with the Koysan region and as such, had to reflect the peace and tranquility of the area as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the Tokyo edit.

I was tasked with creating a 2-minute film, a 30-second ad (for BBC Asia and America), and a 15-second pre-roll for the BBC’s online video content. Working closely with the core team at ShootMedia we moved quickly through the edits, eventually gaining 2 days on the schedule due to the initial planning of the team.

It was a great experience overall and I'm really pleased with the films we were able to produce: