"Blood and Cartilage" - All Good Things, Episode 5

After a long time in production we're now only a few days away from the final chapter of my latest webseries, All Good Things, being released. Episode 5 however is a little different as it's the only episode I wrote, which is something that hasn't happened for a number of years partly because everything I dabble in now is long form.

As such I thought the episode deserved a special mention as I did more than just direct. Hope you like it.

All Good Things Launch + New Box Room Logo

So after a very drawn out post-production schedule I'm happy to announce that my new webseries has finally launched on the Box Room Films YouTube channel. We've already got 2 episodes live with a new one every Tuesday. If you're curious, here's the trailer:

On top of that I finally have a new logo for my tiny production company Box Room Films. It's been something I've wanted to update for a while as I've relied on older variations for a number of years, and figured it was time to give it a refresh with All Good Things coming out.

My New Camera; the Sony FS5

For the past 2 years I've owned and operated a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. The original intention of purchasing the BMPCC was to shoot more drama in my spare time, a goal I somewhat achieved with my upcoming webseries All Good Things.

The difficulty came when I used the camera for more professional applications. For such a capable and tiny camera it has a fair amount of shortcomings that limit it's use in a more run and gun scenario without rigging it up. Wanting something I didn't have to build every time I used it, I eventually settled on the Sony FS5.

Fully set-up the camera is basically everything I'd been modding the BMPCC to be, but it goes further than that. The FS5 has slow-mo, better internal audio (by a large margin), internal ND, 4k, built in EVF etc etc. While I'll miss internal RAW for drama, it's not something the FS5 will be without for long, which will hopefully turn it into a adaptable camera for whatever the job entails.

Now I just need go out and use it anger...

Shipwrecked Mariners: Ultimate Sea View 2015

Following on from last years video the Shipwrecked Mariners relocated to the wonderful Cutty Sark for this years competition. Once again myself and Liam Allen ran 2 cameras, both BMPCC's, and covered the entire event within 3 hours.

The Judging panel included: Ray Wells, picture editor of the Sunday Times, Sophie Batterbury, head of pictures at the Independent and Nigel Atherton, editor of Amateur Photographer.

Royal Alfred Seafarers' and Shipwrecked Mariners' Society

After last years filming of the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society's photography competition, I was again contacted by their PR Agency Acceleris for 2 similar videos.

The first was the Royal Alfred Seafarers' Society 150th anniversary celebrations. During the day they had a new Royal Charter unveiled by HRH The Princess Royal, launched their commemorative anniversary book 'Home From Sea', and officially opened their new care home wing at Belvedere House.

The second film was to help launch this years Shipwrecked Mariners photography exhibition, as  they were also present at the event displaying a selection of last years winning photos.

Both films were shot on two Blackmagic Pockets Cameras, and edited/graded in Adobe Premiere.

The Telegraph Business of Sport 2015

In mid-May I was asked to film the inaugural Telegraph Business of Sport conference. Over the course of two days I ran around with a C100 Mark II interviewing people and filming cutaways. Whilst I was offered the edit I was unable to take it due to other work commitments, but it's been stitched together and put online in the past few days:

The LUMO Project BTS

For the past few months I've been filming a number of behind the scenes interviews for The LUMO Project, a series of feature films I spent 2 years working on as an assistant editor, with Tania Friemuth as Lighting Camera. I then went on to edit them with some B-Roll and created 5 featurettes; the filming of the Gospels, an anatomy of a key scene in John, composing of the music, mixing the various narrations, and exploring the VFX required to recreate Jerusalem.

Unfortunately DVD exclusivity till 2016 permits me from posting them here for people to view, instead I've got a few screen grabs which will have to suffice for now.

All Good Things - Louise Brealey and Women's Aid

It's been a long time coming but we have finally finished principal photography for my upcoming webseries "All Good Things". It's been over a year since we announced the winners of our writing competition and we've been working hard ever since getting the chosen scripts cast, organised, and shot.

Whilst we had the majority of the films in the can since November last year we were holding out for the availability of one particular actress, who is very, very busy. After some schedule wrangling we finally found a date and filmed at the The Thanet Youth & Community Centre on the 1st of March with Louise Brealey, an actress who is best known for her role on the BBC One drama Sherlock as the character Molly Hooper. It's been a big secret at Box Room Films for over a year and we're delighted that we have her on board for the series.

I'm also pleased to announce the final episode will be released with the support of Women’s Aid to raise awareness and funds for the work they do. The Box Room Films team is extremely proud to be doing our part, and hope together we can do some good.