Made in London - Ongoing Project

In partnership with the online blog Design Milk I created a documentary series that profiles artisans of different disciplines based in London. Whether it’s crafting instruments from scratch, carving letters in stone, or creating traditional globes by hand, Made in London is a series dedicated to those who dare to be different.

Type: Documentary

My Role: Filmmaker

All Good Things - 6 Part Webseries

All Good Things is a series of short monologues on the theme of past relationships. We asked writers to submit three minute scripts about “things you wish you had said to your ex”, and picked six of our favourites to make a series that explores love, loss, betrayal, and heartbreak.

Type: Drama

My Role: Director / Executive Producer

Olympic Champion, Donovan Bailey's experience in Koyasan

In August 2016 I worked with ShootMedia to edit a unique brand funded documentary about the Koyasan region in Japan for the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organisation) by way of BBC World. I was tasked with creating a 2-minute film, a 30-second ad (for BBC Asia and America), and a 15-second pre-roll for the BBC’s online video content.

Type: Documentary

My Role: Editor

WOHAbeing - Homeware Product Launch

In September 2017 I worked with Dezeen to film and edit two videos of the homeware product launch initiated by WOHA Architects. I travelled over to Paris for their product launch at the Maison & Objet and produced 1 same day turnaround video for social media, before filming for a further day. I then edited a 3 minute video which featured interviews with the designers turned around a week later.

Type: Promo

My Role: Camera Op / Editor

The LUMO Project - 5 Behind the Scenes Featurettes

Early in 2015 I was commissioned to create five featurettes for The Lumo Project. It's a collection of films which bring the original Jesus narrative to the screen using the Gospel text as its script, word for word. The films in question were produced by Ben Hilton, shot by Tania Freimuth, and graded by Alex Elkins.

Type: Promo

My Role: Director / Editor

Life Size Media - DEC/CLT Film Project

Working directly for the clean tech comms agency Life Size Media as an editor, I'd been tasked with cutting a series of cleantech films commissioned by Carbon Limiting Technologies for companies involved with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Energy Entrepreneurs Fund.

Type: Corporate

My Role: Editor

The LUMO Project - 4 Feature Length Films

The LUMO Project films take the actual Gospel texts as its various scripts, word for word, unedited. All the films were shot on location in Morroco, with the RED Epic, and then edited in Avid, before being graded in DaVinci Resolve. I assisted on all the films, cut by my old boss Ben Hilton, and co-edited The Gospel of Luke.

Type: Feature Film

My Role: Assistant Editor / Co-Editor

Tiersen - "Comptine d'un autre été : L'Après-Midi"

A live performance of a Yann Tiersen piece from the film Amelie I shot to test my new camera; the FS5.

Type: Music Performance

My Role: Director / Camera Op / Editor

Dads & Daughters: Rob & Flo Allen

Working with ShootMedia once again, I was asked to edit the third film in an ongoing series commissioned by SSE that featured female footballers at various stages of their career – from complete beginner to professional player.

Type: Documentary

My Role: Editor

Comfort Food - 6 Part Webseries

Crowdfunded way back in 2013 this was my first attempt at making a narrative longer than a short film can allow. 

Synopsis - "A long distance couple attempt to keep their relationship alive by learning to cook desserts together over the phone."

Type: Drama

My Role: Director / Editor

Anonymous Interview - The Telegraph

After being contacted by the Telegraph in early January I ended up filming an anonymous interview with an abuse victim who alleges that a confidant close to Margret Thatcher raped him, and the police covered the crime up. The lighting set-up was minimal as I mainly allowed the light from the window to keep him entirely backlit, and chose to further augment this in Adobe Premier. Overall it was shot and cut simply allowing the victim to tell his story without opinion or agenda.

Type: News

My Role: Camera Op / Editor

Queensbury Rules - Short Film

Made as my MA grad film back in 2011 it was accepted into numerous festivals around the world, and even won a few awards.

Synopsis - "A young amateur boxer struggles to keep focus before an upcoming bout. Through a small number of flashbacks we begin to see what has led him to be so distracted."

Type: Drama

My Role: Writer / Director / Editor