Bean to Bar – Meet London's Single Origin Chocolate Pioneer

Last year I was lucky enough to spend a few days filming small batch chocolate maker Phil Landers in his Bethnal Green based workshop. Having learned the basics in Central America, Phil honed his craft with well-known chocolatiers Paul A. Young and the Mast Brothers before setting up on his own.

Today, Phil buys cocoa beans from Honduras and Nicaragua, paying more than twice what even FairTrade demands, to make a range of single origin and single bean bars.


Filming WOHAbeing at Maison&Objet 2017

Back in September I was hired by the online Architecture and Design magazine Dezeen, to film the launch of a new range of products being announced by the architecture firm WOHA. This required travelling to Maison&Objet in Paris for a few days to film, with a same day turn around social media edit. Then, back in London, I edited a longer piece with interviews from the WOHA founders discussing the ideas behind their designs.

I'm very grateful to Dezeen for the opportunity and very much look forward to working with them in the future.

"Made in London" at the London Design Festival

A few months back I was contacted by the South East Makers Club regarding my documentary series "Made in London" which profiles artisans living in London.

I'm now allowed to announce that they'll be hosting a film screening and Q&A with myself, and selection of the makers on Saturday the 23rd of September at the Curzon Cinema Goldsmiths in New Cross. On top of that I'll be premiering 2 future films that feature the work of ceramic artist, Chris Keenan and textile designer and weaver, Catarina Riccabona.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 17.53.53.png

I'm extremely appreciative they're helping to showcase the films to a wider audience and hope the unseen films don't disappoint.

Made in London: Rachel Scott - Now on Design Milk

After the initial launch of Made in London, my distribution for the series hit a snag as Confessions of a Design Geek sadly had to close down leaving me at a loose end moving forward.

Skip ahead a few months and the series has not only relaunched but I can finally share the second film in the series with you.

This month’s video is about rug-maker Rachel Scott, who has been hand-weaving rugs since 1976 when the carpet on her stairs wore out and needed replacing. “I was trying to think of a way to make a braided rug that would go upstairs,” she explains. “I met a friend in the street, and she said, ‘Welsh wool is the thing’. I hadn’t thought of spinning wool until then. I just started with an old bedstead, which I wound my warp around.”

Now the series is back on track there will be a new episode on the last Wednesday of every month for the foreseeable future.

New Editors Showreel

Cutting an editors showreel is something I've been meaning to do for a while, as a lot of the really fun projects I've worked on don't quite fit in my usual "catch-all" showreel. With this edit I wanted to give a flavour of the projects I've worked whilst also presenting an actual example of what I can do.

Videos featured:

Donovan Baileys Koyasan -
The Gospel of Luke -
Dad's & Daughters -
Kite Power Solutions -
Made in London -

"Made in London" Launch

This project has been a long time coming.

Initially conceived as "Focus", a profile series about people in London, the idea morphed over time as I began to learn more about the artisanal craft scene in London. The pitch is simple:

Made in London is a series of portraits about artisans who are keeping craft alive in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.
Whether it’s crafting instruments from scratch, carving letters in stone, or creating traditional globes by hand, Made in London is a series dedicated to those who dare to be different.

The first episode profiles Archie Proudfoot, a signwriter and painter based at Hackney Downs Studios. I first contacted him back in April 2016, shot his film in June, and then started down the long road towards delivering a proof of concept with the idea of finding distribution. My first stop was ultimately my last as I contacted Katie Treggiden of the Confessions of Design Geek blog and she was very keen to help get it out there.

Now, many months later, I've finally got enough episodes under my belt to launch the series in earnest with a new film being released on the last Wednesday of every month.

"Dads & Daughters: Rob and Flo Allen" - SSE

Working with ShootMedia once again, I was asked to edit the third film in an ongoing series commissioned by SSE that featured female footballers at various stages of their career – from complete beginner to professional player.

"Flo Allen has dreamed of playing football for England Ladies senior team since she was a young girl.

We caught up with Flo as she makes the switch from a country girl to professional player in the big city, landing a dream callup to the England squad for the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup Jordan 2016.

This film - the latest in SSE's dads and daughters series - shows how women's football can lead to great things, with a little help from dad along the way."

BBC Brand Funded Doc for JNTO with Donovan Bailey

I've recently finished a job for ShootMedia who were approached by the BBC to create 2 unique brand funded documentaries about Tokyo and Koyasan for the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organisation). The brief was this:

The Japanese National Tourist Office (JNTO) knew that Tokyo’s upcoming role as Olympics host city provided a timely hook for promoting tourism in Japan. To reinforce this link, they engaged Olympic Gold winner Donovan Bailey as the presenter for a series of films exploring the diversity and excitement of Japan as a tourist destination.

The BBC were keen to move away from a purely-documentary style approach. Although this style of film captures the energy and sense of a place, it did not lend itself to encouraging direct response from viewers. Our challenge was to blend authentic, engaging editorial content with a strong brand message.

My film dealt with the Koysan region and as such, had to reflect the peace and tranquility of the area as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the Tokyo edit.

I was tasked with creating a 2-minute film, a 30-second ad (for BBC Asia and America), and a 15-second pre-roll for the BBC’s online video content. Working closely with the core team at ShootMedia we moved quickly through the edits, eventually gaining 2 days on the schedule due to the initial planning of the team.

It was a great experience overall and I'm really pleased with the films we were able to produce:

Focus - Mini Doc Series

An upcoming personal project of mine, something I've been trying to get off the ground for over a year, has finally started production. The premise of the mini-doc series is simple:

In a city of over 8 million people, Focus tells a singular story about the unseen faces of London.

From the Luchador wrestler with a nine to five, to the blind whistler plying his trade on the Underground, Focus will present a modern-day London through the eyes of those who dare to be different. 

Currently, I'm in production on two films with a profile about traditional sign painter and gold leaf artist Archie Proudfoot likely to be first out of the gate in the coming months.

"Tiersen" - Box Room Short Cut

Recently I've been spending some of my spare time getting to know my new camera, the Sony FS5, a little bit better. To aid this I've shot and edited some music themed videos which haven't really had much of an use beyond being simple exercises. With my latest attempt however, I decided to film a piano piece by Yann Tiersen called "Comptine d'un autre été : L'Après-Midi". This required some complicated crane work to get the top down shots I required:

After about half a day filming I felt I had enough footage to cut the piece. The film was shot entirely on the FS5 with a Tokina 11-20mm, Tamron 24-70mm/70-200mm, and a Nikon Micro-NIKKOR 105mm lens.